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China exhibits the Covid-19 vaccine for the first time

Chinese companies launched several potential Covid-19 vaccines at the Beijing fair, expecting them to be licensed later this year.

Potential Covid-19 vaccines developed by Sinovac Biotech and China National Biotechnology Corporation (CNBG) are displayed at the ongoing International Trade and Service Fair (CIFTIS) at the capital city of Beijing. They attracted many visitors when the fair was open to the public today.

The manufacturers said these vaccines have yet to hit the market, but have expressed hope they will be licensed after Phase Three is completed later this year.

Covid-19 vaccines were displayed by Sinovac at the fair on September 5. Photo: Reuters.

CNBG announced last week that Serbia will test two vaccine samples developed by the CNBG’s Wuhan and Beijing unit, while Pakistan will test its potential vaccine in Beijing.

“CNBG’s third phase Covid-19 vaccine trial is expected to include 50,000 people from about 10 countries. The process has already begun in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Peru, Morocco, Argentina and Jordan”, Group vice president Zhang Yuntao said.

Zhang added that many countries have expressed interest in ordering a total of 500 million doses of their vaccine. He also said CNBG can produce 300 million doses per year after upgrading production techniques and is working on a plan to increase productivity to one billion doses per year.

Helen Yang, director of global strategy and business development at Sinovac, said two more countries agreed to Phase Three testing with a potential Covid-19 vaccine called CoronaVac, but declined to be named because News is still confidential. CoronaVac is being tested in Brazil and Indonesia.

Although a final phase of testing is underway to ensure safety and efficacy, China has licensed the use of potential Covid-19 vaccines from Sinovac and CNBG in emergencies for high-risk groups. as medical staff.

Yang said several tens of thousands of people had injected CoronaVac through the emergency program. Meanwhile, CNBG will soon start vaccinating Chinese employees working at foreign embassies and consulates, Zhang said.

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