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The mother dolphin desperately saved her child in the middle of the oil spill waters

The dying mother dolphin still struggled to lift her offspring out of the oily sea in Mauritius, but still failed to escape the tragic end.

Video captured by fisherman Yasfeer Heenaye, 31, in Mauritius, shows the baby dolphin almost flat on its stomach and floating on the water, while the mother dolphin tries to save the baby by nudging the baby dolphin’s head out of the water. the sea is flooded with oil.

“The baby dolphin was exhausted and could not swim any more, but the mother dolphin still swam beside her and refused to leave her baby to swim in the herd. “Herd”, Heenaye recounted the dolphin’s desperate moment before she died.

A mother dolphin desperately saves her baby in the middle of an oil-spilled sea. A scene of a mother dolphin trying to swim beside her to save her baby in the waters east of the island nation of Mauritius on August 28. Video: Reuters.

“I was in tears when I saw that scene. I am also the father of a little girl, and it hurts me to watch the mother dolphin struggle to save the child,” Heenaye added.

At least 40 dolphins died in Mauritius, of which 38 were washed ashore, after oil-spilled waters from a Japanese vessel were trapped in July. Oil tanker MV Wakashio crashed into an outer reef. The island nation of the Indian Ocean started on July 25 and began spilling oil on August 6, prompting the Government of Mauritius to declare a “state of environmental emergency”.

Heenaye said he saw nearly 200 dolphins in the area on the morning of August 28, but 25-30 of them died. “Some were injured and some were floating on the water,” he said.

Mauritius fishermen are trying to lure the dolphins out of the oil spill area. “If they were in the oil-spilled reef, they would all be dead. But if they got out, they would probably survive. We’re trying to make a loud noise on the boat to drive the dolphins away. off the reef, “said Heenaye.

After witnessing many dolphins dying near the oil spill area, thousands of people dragged down the streets of the Mauritius capital Port Louis today to request an investigation into the cause of the mass death of the dolphin as well as the oil spill from Wakashio train.

The Government of Mauritius announced that it would examine all dead dolphins to inspect and set up a commission to investigate oil spills that pollute the marine environment.

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