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Wuhan reopened the entire school

Wuhan, the city most heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic in China, will reopen all schools and kindergartens on September 1.

The city government of Wuhan, Hubei province, central China announced that 2,842 educational institutions across the city would open to nearly 1.4 million students when the fall semester begins in early September. Wuhan school is reopening from today.

The city government said it has outlined urgent plans to switch back to online teaching if the level of risks associated with Covid-19 changes. They also recommend that students wear masks when going to school and avoid using public transport if possible.

Teachers and students wear masks in classrooms at a high school in Wuhan on the first day they return to school after the Covid-19 epidemic in May. Photo: Reuters.

Schools have been ordered to stockpile disease control supplies and conduct drills and training to be prepared for new outbreaks. Students are required to limit unnecessary gatherings and to perform daily medical reports.

Foreign students and teachers who have not received notification from school will not be allowed to return to classes.

Wuhan, where Covid-19 broke out late last year, has been frozen for more than two months since January 23. The city recorded 3,869 deaths, accounting for more than 80% of Covid-19 deaths in China.

The epidemic situation in Wuhan has stabilized and the city has returned to normal since April, after the blockade was lifted. The city has not recorded any more community infections since May 18.

Covid-19 appeared in more than 210 countries and territories, causing more than 25 million people to become infected and more than 850,000 deaths.

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