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A thousand dollar black alpaca camel was born in Scotland

A pair of Alpaca camels named Lola and Jack at Auchingarrich Wildlife Park successfully gave birth to a young with a rare black fur color.

Rare Alpaca camel with pure black fur in Scotland park. Photo: SWNS.

“A baby camel named Tia was born on August 31 after a smooth, uncomplicated delivery,” Park Director Maxine Scott said in a report yesterday. “The one week old animal is still nursing and will start grazing in the next few weeks.”

Tia was the first alpaca camel to be born at the Auchingarrich Wildlife Park in Perthshire, central Scotland. His mother, Lola, was only two years old and was taken to the park more than a year ago.

Tia with mother camel Lola. Photo: SWNS.

Alpaca camels, also known as sheep camels (Vicugna pacos), are highly valued in the market. Their coat is nearly identical to wool but soft, glossy, warm, less oily and less allergenic.

Vicugna pacos come in a variety of natural fur colors, depending on habitat such as 52 colors in Peru, 12 colors in Australia and 16 colors in the US, of which the rarest ones with black feathers can be sold at price. thousand USD.

Alpaca camels originate from South American camels living in mountainous terrain between 3,500 and 5,000 m in southern Peru, Ecuador and northern Chile. They were domesticated thousands of years ago and brought to Scotland in 1980. This UK country is currently home to about 14,000 Alpaca camels.

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