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Blue whales appear for the third time in 100 years

Australia: The photographer captured the blue whale in the rare occurrence of this planet’s largest animal appearing in waters near Sydney.

The New South Wales National Park and Wildlife Service (NPWS) on September 4 confirmed that the blue whale swam near Maroubra, Sydney suburbs, New South Wales in August. is the third time in almost 100 years in Sydney. People rarely see blue whales so close to shore, according to the NPWS.

The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet, according to Andrew Marshall, an expert at NPWS. They can grow to more than 25 meters long and weigh more than 100 tons. Whale watchers rarely see blue whales despite their striking size.

“Humans seldom come across blue whales because they often live very offshore. Blue whale populations are widely dispersed. Meanwhile, we have very little data on migration or habitat. materiality, “explains Marshall.

Blue whales swim in waters near Sydney. Photo: Seansperception.

In August, a photographer took a photo of a blue whale swimming in the waters near Maroubra. “I was watching a large number of humpback whales swimming southward in my favorite spot at Maroubra. A miracle of the ocean suddenly appeared before my eyes. It was the blue whale,” said the photographer told. I feel extremely lucky to have seen it.

Experts have found that New South Wales humpback whales are showing signs of recovering 10-11% of the population each year, but with blue whale populations it is difficult to grasp. “That’s why these encounters are so valuable. It helps us understand more about the blue whale habitat, helping us to consider measures to protect them,” Marshall said.

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