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British company revealed interior of passenger spacecraft

SpaceShipTwo aircraft are designed to carry 6 passengers into space, each ticket costs about 250,000 USD.

British company revealed interior of passenger spacecraft

Virgin Galactic on July 28 revealed the interior of the SpaceShipTwo, a space plane carrying people and cargo into space. The company partnered with the design firm Seymourpowell to develop the ship’s interiors.

“The colors inside the cabin are carefully selected, matching the seating structure and the space suit. The golden metal bars look like desert sand, the blue is reminiscent of the universe, while The blue color is inspired by the ocean on Earth, “said a company representative.

Six seats in the cabin can be reclined, each with a flight data display. Passengers also have a personal communication system to talk to the pilots. 12 large windows with soft edges allow passengers to comfortably observe the outside scene. In addition, 16 cameras mounted in the cabin will help them save the most memorable moments.

The large plane named WhiteKnightTwo will carry SpaceShipTwo into the air and drop at an altitude of about 15,000 m. SpaceShipTwo’s rocket engine will then activate, sending it into space under orbit. At this height, passengers can observe the curves of the Earth, the darkness of the universe, and experience several minutes of weightlessness.

Virgin Galactic is moving closer to its goal of organizing space tours. The latest version of SpaceShipTwo, VSS Unity, successfully conducted two manned test flights into suborbital space in 2018 and 2019. Around 600 people have booked space on SpaceShipTwo with an expected fare of 250,000. USD.

(According to Space)

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