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China develops buffers from 600 km / h

China’s Ministry of Transport (MOT) on August 6 announced plans to develop two high-speed passenger trains with AI and 5G networks.

This is China’s new move in its ambitions to build a robust transportation system, characterized by advanced digital technologies such as 5G networks, artificial intelligence and the Beidou global positioning system, into year 2025.

Two new passenger train models including a 600 km / h maglev and a 400 km / h high-speed train will contribute to the expansion of China’s smart high-speed rail network.

The prototype of the buffer train from 600 km / h was tested in Shanghai in June 2020. Photo: Folio.

In late June, the East Asian country successfully tested its first 600 km / h prototype on the track at Dong Te University in Shanghai. The vehicle is expected to enter commercial production by 2021. MOT aims to operate a 500-kilometer super-maglev train line by 2025.

Besides high-speed trains, self-propelled vehicles and electric vehicles are also promoted in the near future. To reduce pollutants emissions and save energy, China will deploy more solar production facilities and ultra-fast electric vehicle charging stations at service centers along the road.

To achieve the target, MOT said it would combine technology innovation and diversify investment channels. In addition to the main source of government funding, private capital can also participate in related projects.

(According to CNS)

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