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China’s reusable spacecraft returns to Earth

The reusable spacecraft model landed safely on September 6 after orbiting the Earth for two days.

All information about the new Chinese spacecraft is confidential. Photo: Strait Times.

Successful testing marks an important breakthrough for China in the field of research into reusable spacecraft technologies, and provides a convenient and cost-effective way to use space in the future. .

The Chinese spacecraft flew into orbit on the back of the Truong Chinh 2 missile from the Tuu Tuyen Satellite Launch Center in Inner Mongolia on September 4. The train’s biosphere event became a topic of interest on the Chinese social network Weibo with tens of thousands of likes.

Chinese authorities did not disclose details of the new model of the spacecraft, but the military source suggested “you can see the US X-37B aircraft”. The X-37B is an unmanned space plane that acts like a smaller version of the space shuttle NASA used to.

“There are a lot of first things in this launch. The spacecraft is new, the launch method is also different. That’s why we need to ensure increased security,” the source said.

Speaking at the 2017 Global Space Exploration Conference, Liu Shiquan, deputy director of China Science Technology Group, said the company is focusing on developing a new generation of spacecraft that can take off straight. stand and reuse. In May 2020, a Chinese research team successfully developed a pre-cooled supersonic engine for reusable spacecraft.

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