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Chinese ships captured Earth from a distance of 1.2 million km

Thien Wan 1, China’s first Mars exploration spacecraft launched on July 23, sent back the first photograph of the Earth and the Moon.

The Earth and Moon in the photo taken from the ship Tianan 1. Photo: CNSA.

Using optical positioning sensors, the probe took pictures of the Earth and the Moon from a distance of 1.2 million km on July 27, according to China’s National Space Bureau (CNSA). The ship is operated by a flight control team at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center in conjunction with the China Institute of Aerospace Technology.

In the black-and-white image, both the Earth and the Moon have a crescent in space. The ship Thien Van 1 escaped the range of the influence of the Earth’s gravity and entered the interplanetary transition orbit. The ship is flying more than 1.5 million km from Earth.

The Mars probe is in good flight conditions. China’s Tianjin Ship 1, consisting of an orbital ship and self-propelled robot, will take seven months to reach Mars. If all goes well, Thien Van 1 will search for groundwater and evidence of ancient life on the red planet.

(According to CGTN)

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