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Crafting a ‘living coffin’ with mushrooms

The Netherlands Mushroom helps to accelerate the decomposition of the human body and provides nutrients to the surrounding soil.

Mushroom coffins are environmentally friendly. Photo: Guardian.

Experts at Delft University of Technology teamed up with the local museum of natural history to develop Living Cocoon, a coffin made of mycelium – a rapidly growing mycelium structure underground, Futurism reported on September 15. .

Thanks to the special material, the coffin shortens the decomposition of the human body from about 10 years to two years. In addition, it also helps to accelerate the decomposition of clothing and other buried materials.

Mycelium can neutralize harmful substances and provide nourishment to the surrounding plants. This means that the mushroom coffin will benefit the land in the long run. “Living Cocoon helps people become one with nature and makes the soil more fertile instead of polluted

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