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Crocodiles scramble to tear cows on the river

Australia More than 20 saltwater alligators congregate around their massive prey and clean their dishes in less than 24 hours.

Saltwater crocodiles hit the cup of prey. Photo: Michele Bain.

Photographer Michele Bain photographed a party of saltwater crocodiles on the tributary of Corroboree, Northern Territory, on September 2. This tributary is located in the Mary River Wetlands, home to the highest concentration of saltwater alligators in the world.

Bain saw a drag on the grass, then discovered this mark by a crocodile about 4 m long pulled the body of cows into the water. At that time, she confirmed, the cow was dead, even with a swollen body like a drowning.

When the 4 m crocodile started to eat beef, many other crocodiles arrived. When Bain and her husband passed by for the first time, not many crocodiles gathered. But when they turned around, there were about 20 crocodiles rising to the surface, and even others below are swimming towards their prey.

When the latter tried to grab a piece, the large crocodile plunged the body of the cow into the water. It even gritted its teeth to scare them away. “There were a lot of conflicts and water splashes. We have been to the area for many years but have never seen anything like that,” Bain said.

Crocodiles usually need a few days to a week to eat up such large prey. However, Bain said, the body of the cow was completely gone in less than 24 minutes

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