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Detected two meteorite fragments in two weeks

Australia Scientists were delighted to find two meteorite fragments weighing 1.1 kg and 300 grams in just a short time.

The meteorite weighs more than 1 kg. Photo: Anthony Lagain.

The team at Curtin University found two asteroid fragments in the Nullarbor Plain, with one new falling and one falling from 2019, IFL Science reported on July 30. The passage of these two objects through the sky was recorded by the Desert Fireball Network (DFN). DFN is a camera system scattered in Australia to observe meteors and predict where they will land.

“The DFN cameras continuously take pictures of the sky every night. When multiple stations detect falling meteorites, we get an alert. Then we analyze the data to get more information about the celestial body.” “agar,” said Phil Bland, director of the Center for Space Science and Technology at Curtin University.

Hadrien Devillepoix and planetary geologist Anthony Lagain visited a site near Madura. The latest meteorite discovered by the DFN could fall in this area. After taking the photo with the drone, the two scientists returned, and on the way they discovered an object that looked like a meteorite lying on the ground.

“At first I thought it was Anthony’s joke. I thought he put one of the fake meteorite fragments we used for the drone training there. But after I got closer to checking it, I saw the big rock. With a fist, weighing about 1.1 kg is exactly the piece of meteorite we want to find, “Devillepoix said.

“Most asteroids contain large amounts of iron, much more than normal Earth stones. This is why meteorites often attract magnets or cause nearby compasses to become chaotic. the meteorite we found did not pass the compass test.

The 300 gram meteorite dropped near Forrest airport. Photo: Raiza Quintero.

Two weeks later, Dr. Martin Towner, who runs the DFN system, leads a team of six experts to a site northwest of Forrest airport to search for the meteorite falling since November 2019. After only about 4 hours, they discovered an alien stone weighing 300 grams.

Finding two asteroid fragments in such a short time is astonishing, according to Eleanor Sansom, DFN’s project manager. Meteorites play an important role in helping scientists understand more about the formation of celestial bodies in the solar system.

(According to IFL Science)

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