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Discovered a 100 million year old meteorite hole

Australia Geologists found a new crater in the outback of Western Australia, five times larger than the famous Wolfe Creek.

The new meteor hole is many times larger than Wolfe Creek. Photo: Matthew Moreton-Deakin.

The meteorite hole is located near the mining town of Ora Banda in Western Australia. The results of the electromagnetic survey to map the rock samples below reveal that this hole is about 5 km in diameter. Perth geologist and geophysicist Jayson Meyers said the meteorite creating the crater must be at least 100 meters wide. “Based on location, degree of erosion and soil type in the crater, we estimate it to be about 100 million years old,” Meyers said.

The meteorite hole is 10 km southeast of Ora Banda, on land owned by Australia’s third largest mining company, Evolution Mining. Meyers, visiting professor at Western Australia Mining School, was invited by the company to provide geological advice. He is in charge of examining the specimen dug from the site.

According to Meyers, rock samples show signs of asteroid impact, consisting of conical debris, forming in a certain direction. “This is the type of debris that only occurs in nuclear explosions or asteroid impact. We can be sure asteroid has fallen here,” Meyers said. Meyers estimates the Ora Banda crater is five times larger than the 880 m diameter Wolfe Creek crater in the Kimberly region of Western Australia.

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