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Discovered a new species of luminescent fungus

The fungus can emit green light found in Meghalaya forest, India, discovered by the scientist, published in the journal Phytotaxa.

Scientist Xu Jianchu of the Kunming Botanical Institute, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Indian team, in the course of studying the trees in the Meghalaya forest (Northeast India) found a fungus luminescent from bamboo stalks.

The luminescent fungus belongs to the genus Roridomyces. Photo: China News.

By analyzing the genetic sequence morphology of this fungus, the scientists showed that this is a bioluminescent fungus of the genus Roridomyces, a new species of fungus in the wild. This fungus has the ability to emit yellow green light thanks to the enzyme luciferase, which catalyzes in an oxidation reaction, producing biological light from the fruiting body and mycelium, for the purpose of attracting insects or avoid the onslaught of enemies.

In the world there are 97 bioluminescent fungi, however, the physiological and ecological function of this feature has not been clear. This new luminescent fungus could be used in environmental pollution research, like a kind of sensor with the changing environment, said Xu Jianchu, a member of the research team. Currently, the group continues to study the luminescence of the fungus of the genus Roridomyces related to climate change and environment.

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