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Discovered wooden circle thousands of years old

An ancient wooden circle with a diameter of nearly 20 meters was built in the Neolithic period and has astronomical features.

The site discovered traces of wooden circle with a diameter of 20 m in Neolithic period. Photo: Ancient Origins.

Archaeologists from Era – Arqueologia company found remains of an ancient structure considered a wooden version of the Stonehenge (England) stone circle at the site of Perdigões, Évora province, Portugal News on August 6 . Experts have excavated this site 23 years ago.

Perdigões kept traces of many concentric and circular wide trenches. The ancients used this place from the midst of Neolithic (c. 3400 BC) to the early Bronze Age (2000 BC).

The newly discovered structure is nearly 20 meters in diameter and is located in the center of circular trenches, according to archaeologist António Valera, lead researcher. This work consists of a series of wooden piles built in a circle, leading inward direction towards the summer solstice, showing astronomy.

“The wooden circle links Perdigões with some Neolithic similar structures elsewhere in Europe,” Valera said. The new discovery also shows that Perdigões residents of this period had a connection to distant cultures, and that regions in Europe were much more deeply connected than scientists thought. .

“The discovery of the wooden circle adds to the already great scientific value of the Perdigões site, especially with studies on Neolithic Europe,” commented Valera.

(According to Portugal News)

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