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Falcon tail slammed into the wall because he was busy chasing squirrels

America – Shock and escape, causing the fire to chase after chasing missed and had an accident.

Falcon tail slammed into the wall because he was busy chasing squirrels

Security cameras mounted on the door of a house in Urbana, Illinois, recorded the interesting escape of squirrels on August 31. In the video, the squirrel appears from the right side of the frame. It ran towards the wall, then paused for a moment, looking like it hit a dead end.

However, as soon as a fire-tailed hawk rushed forward, the squirrel nimbly crept under the wall and disappeared. The sudden escape of the squirrel made the tail of fire crash into the wall. It looked dizzy but was not injured. After a few seconds standing in front of the house, the bird flapped its wings away. “The back wall is for decoration and there is a gap underneath. The squirrel has passed through it,” the landlord said.

The fire-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) is a predator that lives in North America, Central America and the West Indies. They have clear eyes and are effective hunters. They like open spaces such as fields or deserts, especially when there are high positions nearby to park and track prey.

However, it is also well adapted and thrives in mountainous areas and tropical rain forests. These birds can even function in human environments. They often sit on electric poles and utilize open space along the road to spot and catch rats, squirrels, rabbits, reptiles or other prey.

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