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Found a 1,000 year old sword on the bottom of the lake

Poland: The sword is preserved relatively intact after more than a thousand years thanks to an anaerobic environment at the bottom of the lake.

Archaeological team discovered the sword and many other weapons when surveying the lake bottom. Photo: First News.

Archaeologists from the Nicolaus Copernicus University and the First Piast Museum discovered a rare medieval sword and many other artifacts on the bottom of Lake Lednica in Poland. Charcoal is over 1,000 years old and is related to the Piast dynasty, a dynasty that greatly influenced Eastern European history.

The team used diving equipment to explore the lake area near the island of Ostrów Lednicki, and focused on the area with two ancient bridges found in 2017. The researchers collected more than 20 artifacts from the lake. They discovered many arrows, bows, axes and a sickle. The ax-shaped axes were made in Scandinavia in the 10th century.

The sword is encrusted with beads and meticulously decorated. It was in good repair and was still in a leather scabbard. After X-ray analysis, the team identified a cross symbol on the sword. Although the cross was quite common in Eastern Europe during this period, it was a rare symbol in Eastern Europe. Researchers are trying to find out why the sword is located underneath Lake Lednica. Swords and other artifacts exhibiting a skill level of craftsmanship and possibly belonging to a member of the aristocracy.

(According to First News)

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