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Giant spiders crawl into people’s homes to find mates

During mating season, giant male spiders often go to warm, dry places to find females. The largest can be as big as a hand.

Giant house spiders may sneak into people’s homes every fall. Photo: Independent.

Giant house spiders are invading UK homes to find mates when the mating season begins, Independent on September 4 reported. From August to September each year, male spiders will go to dry, warm places and look for females. This means they can be found frequently in homes, warehouses, and garages.

“The creatures that crawl into people’s homes today are giant house spiders, one of the largest in the UK. Males have a stride 10 cm long and can be as large as a hand. they can also be two-thirds as big. The size depends on the amount of food they consume, “explains Dr. Chris Terrell-Nield, an ecologist at Nottingham Trent University.

Giant house spiders run very quickly and can make people lose track. They can also bite people but are not dangerous. They fear people even more than people fear them, says Terrell-Nield. “At this time of year, male spiders need to find mates and start wandering around for females. When they do, they mate. Females will lay eggs and males usually die after that,” he said.

British residents may encounter three types of spiders indoors at this point, according to Terrell-Nield. These are giant house spiders, Pholcidae and cross spiders. All three are harmless to humans. They even play an important role by eating large numbers of flies and other insects.

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