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Jenas: ‘Tottenham lost direction under Mourinho’

Former Tottenham midfielder Jermaine Jenas has never seen Jose Mourinho’s side languish and lack of discipline like the Everton match last weekend.

“I’m disappointed and can’t understand Tottenham’s defeat against Everton,” Jenas told the BBC on September 14. “Everton played very well, especially James Rodriguez. And Tottenham is too bad. If Tottenham don’t change, the season won’t be any fun. They are like a team that is helpless, without direction. It’s strange, for the team. Jose Mourinho’s ball is often disciplined in every aspect. This time the Tottenham players lacked strength, playing as if they had never played together. They did not know their role on the pitch.

Harry Kane (left) and his team-mate lost to Everton with disappointing performances. Photo: AP

The 2005-2013 Tottenham midfielder added: “When I watch Mourinho’s Tottenham, I often think: ‘The team is not playing well now, but there will be times when Tottenham is up.’ But, this time not. The Tottenham player doesn’t look as bored as I thought it would be.

After losing 0-1 to Everton on September 13, Mourinho called on the team to buy more strikers. This season they spent $ 77 million on defender Matt Doherty and midfielder Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, and bought off Giovani Lo Celso. Mourinho wants to add an attacking player to support Harry Kane.

However, Jenas argued that Tottenham’s problem was not only with the people. He said: “Tottenham is missing everything. Mourinho’s decision to replace is also unreasonable. He withdrew Dele Alli after the first half, causing me to.

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