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Meteors wider than 2 soccer fields are about to fly over the Earth

The 2020 QL2 meteorite, 120 meters in diameter, would graze the planet on September 14 at a safe distance, according to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Objects.

Mô phỏng thiên thạch bay gần Trái Đất. Ảnh: NASA.
Simulation of asteroid flying near the Earth. Photo: NASA.

NASA estimates that in 2020 QL2 will travel at a speed of nearly 38,624 km / h. The closest distance between this meteorite and the Earth is 6.7 million km. Meanwhile, the distance from Earth to the Moon is 384,472 km.

The 2020 QL2 meteorite is classified as a potentially dangerous object (NEO) due to its large size and close distance, although it is unlikely to crash into the Earth next week. This is a group of meteors that come closer to Earth more than 7.4 million kilometers in diameter and more than 140 meters in diameter, according to NASA. In its 2018 report, is estimated to have more than 18,000 NEO.

In August 2020, a meteorite the size of a basketball court passed over the Earth at a distance of 72,420 km. In particular, the 2020 National meteorite flies over only 2,950 km from the Earth, less than a quarter of the Earth’s diameter, on August 16. This is the nearest meteorite that has not had a collision in history.

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