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NASA delayed the launch of the world’s most powerful telescope

James Webb space telescope has been delayed for 7 months due to technical challenges and the impact of the pandemic.

James Webb space telescope. Photo: NASA.

According to the latest announcement from the US Aerospace Agency (NASA), the successor to the Hubble space telescope – James Webb – will be delayed from March 30, 2021 to October 31, 2021. .

“Webb is the most complex space observatory in the world and our first priority science mission. We are working hard to keep the project afloat during the pandemic,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, who stands for NASA’s science mission head said in a statement.

The telescope was originally scheduled to launch in October 2018 but has been delayed several times due to technical problems. The total cost of implementing the project is estimated at nearly 10 billion USD.

James Webb is so large that it must be folded to fit inside a spaceship. When opened, the device’s main mirror is up to 6.5 meters in diameter, almost three times wider than Hubble’s.

After being launched from a launch field in French Guiana with the Ariane 5 boosters, the telescope will make its way to orbit around the Sun 1.5 million kilometers from Earth.

James Webb has been described as 100 times more sensitive than Hubble. It can “look backwards” in time and space, observing the first stars and galaxies in the early universe more than 13.5 billion light years away. The device is expected to help answer basic questions about the origin of the universe.

(According to AFP)

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