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Steel slag thoroughly treats phosphorus in wastewater

Without using microorganisms or biological substances, Dr. Nguyen Trong Anh applies steel slag to treat phosphorus in wastewater, removal efficiency is up to 99.88%.

Dr. Nguyen Trong Anh, Department of Chemical Engineering and Environment, Lac Hong University (Dong Nai) and colleagues used steel slag from photovoltaic furnaces, removed impurities, crushed into granules with a size of 5- 10 mm, reduce friction and separate from magnetism.

After obtaining the stable filter material, the team tested the material at a seafood processing company. The results showed that the steel slag particles removed dissolved phosphorus from wastewater with the largest adsorption efficiency of 0.29 mg phosphorus / g slag.

Steel slag particles after being treated to use as waste adsorption material. Photo: NVCC.

In steel slag contains calcium oxide (CaO) (up to 35%). This is the main ingredient capable of absorbing phosphate ions in wastewater. This ion is responsible for eutrophication, increasing the appearance of

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