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Stop Oxford Covid-19 vaccine trial

AstraZeneca Company announced the discontinuation of the Oxford University Covid-19 Phase Three Vaccine trial due to an unexplained illness of a volunteer.

“As part of a randomized, controlled trial of Oxford’s Covid-19 vaccine that is taking place globally, our benchmarking process triggered a vaccination stop order to review the data. safe, “pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca of Sweden – UK said in the announcement today 8/9.

“This is an action that should normally be taken whenever one of the test cases has the potential for an unexplained condition, while the investigation is being conducted, to ensure that the integrity of the disease is maintained. test “, notice with paragraph.

A scientist working at the AstraZeneca headquarters in Sydney, Australia, on August 19. Photo: AAP.

“In large trials, disease will happen by chance, but it must be independently reviewed for thorough evaluation. We are promoting this, thereby minimizing any possible impact on the trial. We are committed to the safety of our participants and to apply the highest standards of testing, “adds AstraZeneca.

The Covid-19 vaccine, jointly developed by the University of Oxford with AstraZeneca, is one of a handful of vaccines undergoing Phase Three trials with thousands of people worldwide. It is also among three vaccines in late stage testing in the US.

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