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Sword buried with Viking warriors 1,000 years

Norway: Scientists are surprised to discover the tomb of a left-handed Viking warrior buried with a heavy sword.

The Viking sword was covered with thick rust. Photo: Ancient Origins.

During the expansion of a route running through Vinjeora village, Vinjefjorden, Norway, experts found four ancient tombs, Ancient Origins on September 2 reported. They have existed since the Viking times and lie partly on top of each other. In it, it is noteworthy that a warrior tomb was buried with a very heavy sword.

Archaeologist Astrid Kviseth lifts the sword from the 1,000-year-old tomb and places it in a prepared cushioned box. She was not sure exactly how heavy the sword was, but commented that the user must be extremely strong to swing it.

For the Vikings, the sword is a named heirloom and extremely sacred that the father left to his son from generation to generation. The sword is also a symbol of the status of elite warriors. Because swords are difficult to forge, they are very expensive and rare.

In early Medieval Viking tombs, swords were usually placed to the right of the remains, said Dr. Raymond Sauvage, an archaeologist at the NTNU University Museum. Most people are right-handed, so warriors often wear swords on the left to easily draw them. However, most of the swords in the tomb were placed on the right because the Vikings believed that the afterlife was a mirror image of the real world.

In the warrior’s tomb in Vinjeora, the sword is on the left side of the remains. Therefore, Sauvage assumed that this person may be inherently left-handed. This makes the tomb a very rare and special discovery.

The sword was covered with thick rust. Archaeologists hope, after analyzing and X-raying, the decorations or solder marks on the blade will be revealed.

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