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The bullet-shaped aircraft has a speed of 740 km / h

United States Developed by Otto Aviation in California, USA, the Celera 500L is a 6-seater fuel-efficient model.

The Celera 500L targets the private jet segment. Photo: CNN.

The Celera 500L can fly at a maximum cruise speed of 740 km / h with a range of more than 7,242 km, double that of other aircraft of the same size. Powered by the RED A03 engine, Celera will go on sale in 2025 but the company does not announce the price before starting the production process.

With each liter of oil, Celera can fly 4.8 – 6.8 km. According to the announcement on 26/8 by Otto Aviation, this fuel consumption makes Celera the most eco-friendly aircraft in the segment, contributing to the development of air transport system with zero emissions. The company also hopes to be able to cut flying costs. Celera can fly directly to more than 5,000 airports in the region, helping passengers avoid traffic congestion. Range and speed make the vehicle a suitable choice similar to a flying taxi, which can transport passengers between two cities in the US without refueling.

To date, Celera has completed 31 test flights to test performance. Otto Aviation said the aircraft’s impressive speed comes from its laminar flow design, which contributes to minimizing drag on the vehicle’s surface.

The flow design is also used for the wings and tail sections of the aircraft. The fuselage alone was built in an optimal length-to-width ratio, with a bullet-like aerodynamic shape. Inside the 2 meter high cabin, 6 first class seats have customizable functions. The company is planning to improve the design to expand the cabin by 20%, allowing more passengers and cargo to be carried. Otto Aviation estimates the first Celéa 500L planes will reach passengers by 2025.

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