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The python lays its own eggs even though it hasn’t been around for 20 years

American Zoo St. Louis is investigating why the 62-year-old royal python can lay seven eggs even though he hasn’t been around for two decades.

The 62-year-old female python curled around the egg nest. Photo: AP.

Mark Wanner, manager of St. Zoo. Louis, in Missouri, said the royal python can reproduce asexually. This is unusual but not uncommon behavior. Pythons can sometimes store sperm for conception when desired. The spawning of the old python in the zoo is also quite strange because the royal python usually stops spawning before the age of 60. Wanner says this is the oldest python the zoo has ever kept.

According to the St. Zoo Louis, the female python laid eggs on July 23. Three eggs remained in the incubator, two were used to collect genetic specimens

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