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The shark has the strongest bite force

New Zealand Scientists measured the bite force of the mako sharks at about 13,000 newtons, second only to saltwater crocodiles.

The bite force of the mako shark is stronger than that of the bovine shark and the white shark. Photo: Newsweek.

According to the program Mako Nation broadcast on August 13 on Discovery channel, the bite force of the mako shark is the second most powerful on Earth. Shark scientist Riley Elliott and underwater cinematographer Andy Casagrande recorded a record-breaking bite in the waters near Mayor Island (also known as Tuhua), an inactive volcano off the coast. 32 km north of New Zealand and home to many mako sharks.

To find out the strength of the shark, Elliott and Casagrande built a biting force gauge. This was the first time they tried this method on sharks. The device is attached to the end of the long fishing rod. The team lowered the fishing line into the water from their boat and waited for the great mako shark to approach. Finally, an individual spotted the device and charged towards it. The bites were weak at first, but then rapidly increased in strength.

According to the researchers, the shark’s maximum bite force reached 13,000 newtons. Compared with the mako shark, the bovine shark has a bite force of 6,000 Newtons while the white shark has a bite force of about 10,000 Newtons. The strongest bite ever recorded on Earth belonged to a saltwater crocodile, at 17,000 newtons.

The famous mako shark is the world’s fastest shark with a swimming speed of 56 km / h. However, scientists know relatively little about them. The mako sharks are more distributed in New Zealand than anywhere else, with thousands reaching the country’s coastal areas each year. In addition to speed, they also have the largest brain of their body and are extremely intelligent.

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