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The Sun enters a new cycle of activity

Scientists on 15/9 confirmed that the Sun has started a new cycle of activities and can last 11 years like previous cycles.

Solar Cycle is a term for the periodic change in the number of dark spots on the surface of the Sun. In which, the time when the star is quietest, or has the least number of dark spots, is called the minimum phase and vice versa, the maximum period indicates the period when the Sun is most active, that is, there are the most dark spots. .

Each solar cycle has an average time of about 11 years, extending from one minimum stage to the next. In a new Solar Cycle Prediction (SCPP) report, researchers confirm that our star has officially entered a new cycle of activity, known as Solar Cycle 25 or Solar Cycle. 25.

Image comparing the maximum sun (April 2014) and minimum sun (December 2019). Photo: NASA.

According to SCPP, the new cycle has begun in December 2019. However, it took a long time to calculate and confirm this, so the news was announced yesterday. Cycle 25 is predicted to be very similar to the previous cycle. Accordingly, it will last for 11 years and reach “maximum” in July 2020. The Sun is then likely to experience brilliance and solar storm eruptions.

During its peak phase, our star achieves an average number of black spots higher than 200. However, this figure at Cycle 25 is estimated to be just 115. Solar physicist Doug Biesecker, co-host of SCPP, stressing that this is the weakest cycle in 100 years and the fourth weakest cycle ever recorded.

The difference in the number of dark spots on the surface of the Sun between the two phases. Photo: NASA.

The Sun’s dark spot is the trigger for the explosions and events that release light, matter, and energy into space. For over a year and a half, our star has gone through a period of calm with barely any black mark on its surface.

Understanding the solar cycle will help scientists predict space weather, as well as its impact on grid systems, aviation, GPS, rockets, satellites, and astronauts. space, through which the best preparation is made to minimize damage.

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