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The tallest giraffe in the world

The Guinness World Records Organization confirms Forest giraffes set a new record with a height of 5.7 m.

Forest, the giant creature in the Australian Zoo, Queensland, becomes the tallest living giraffe in the world, ABC News reported on July 30. Forest was born in 2007 and has been with the zoo since the age of two.

Kat Hansen stands with Forest, the tallest giraffe in the world. Photo: ABC News.

Zoo employee Kat Hansen shared, she said that Forest has a remarkable height for a long time, but the measurement is not easy. Despite their calm looks, giraffes are easily worrying creatures. “We need to make sure the Forest is comfortable. It’s a top priority,” Hansen said.

The staff had to set up a large ruler, use food to lure the animal closer, then find a way to make it raise its head and lean against the ruler. In addition, cameras are also installed to record from all directions. The measurement lasted for several months with a result of 5.7 meters.

Forest has 3 “girlfriends” and is the father of 10 giraffes. It is currently preparing to welcome another baby. Seeing Forest’s baby for the first time was born was an anxiety-filled experience, says Hansen. Since they are born while the mother is still upright, the young will fall to the ground from a corresponding height. This is part of normal reproduction. “The baby giraffe needs to fall to the ground for the heart to start beating,” she explained.

Forest is 12 years old this year and still growing. “We don’t know how tall it will be in the end,” Hansen said.

(According to ABC News)

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