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The UK found the drug to treat COVID-19

After many clinical trials, a team of British scientists have found a cure for COVID-19 patients is both cheap and effective.

This drug testing program involved more than 3,000 doctors and nurses working with 12,000 COVID-19 patients at 176 hospitals across the UK.

Dexamethasone is believed to treat COVID-19 effectively

They found an inexpensive, readily available and effective drug that could save the lives of so many COVID-19 patients.

This work is hailed as being able to save the world.

The research was led by Professor Martin Landray of Oxford University and Peter Horby, an expert on infectious diseases and who was involved in COVID-19 treatment trials in Wuhan in Wuhan. last year when the pandemic began.

After the combination of two anti-HIV drugs, lopinavir and ritonavir, did not succeed as expected, the researchers discovered dexamethasone, an inexpensive drug used to treat inflammation and arthritis, was effective. Results in the treatment of COVID-19.

Professor Landray said the drug costs £ 5 and is available in pharmacies but the results are surprising. The death rate for COVID-19 was reduced to one third after the administration of this drug.

Dexamethasone has now been added to clinical guidelines for treating COVID-19 patients in hospitals around the world, while HIV prescriptions for lopinavir, ritonavir and anti-malarial drugs US Donald Trump once praised hydroxychloroqine were all removed.

Currently, scientists are continuing to test COVID-19 drugs that focus on an azithromycin antibiotic, tocilizumab antibody and plasma taken from people who have had COVID-19 before.

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