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The world’s largest hybrid electric gas jet

The Electric Aviation Group Company is developing an aircraft model capable of carrying 70 passengers and a range of nearly 1,500 km.

Hera will go into operation in 2028. Photo: Sun.

The world’s largest hybrid electric petrol aircraft, Hera, has a quiet operation mode to reduce noise pollution and the ability to charge batteries in the air. This is a passenger aircraft powered in part by an eco-friendly electric motor that combines traditional gasoline fuel. Hera has a range of 1,480 km but could increase to 2,222 km after 2030 as the power density of the battery pack improves.

The Hera aircraft is a design by Electric Aviation Group (EAG), an engineering company headquartered in Bristol, UK and is scheduled to open in 2028. According to the EAG, they have designed and applied for 25 patents. for aircraft models are in the development stage. When completed in 2028, Hera can contribute to solving the challenges by reducing the large amount of greenhouse gases commonly encountered in conventional jets.

Because Hera has a hybrid electric design, CO2 emissions per capita per kilometer will be reduced by 70%. The aircraft model also reduces global warming by 90% and noise pollution by 65%.

Hera aircraft will be equipped with lithium-ion batteries weighing about 3.5 tons with a battery density of 250Wh / kg when in operation. Hera is suitable for transporting passengers between airports in the region. The overhead battery charging function minimizes turnaround times, allowing Hera to carry passengers during the day and cargo at night.

(Theo Sun)

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