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Vega rockets launch 53 satellites at the same time

The flight that took place this morning is an important milestone proving the ability to launch multiple satellites of the French-based company Arianespace.

The Vega missile launched 53 Arianespace satellites at the same time and launched 53 small satellites into orbit. Video: Arianespace.

Arianespace’s Vega four-stage boosters take off at 8:51 am 3/9 Hanoi time from Guiana Space Center in South America, carrying 53 satellites of 21 different partners from 13 countries into orbit.

The VV16 mission is the first flight of the Vega missile since its failed launch on July 10, 2019, leaving both the UAE’s rocket and Earth observation satellite FalconEye1 missing. The cause is determined to be a thermal structural failure in the Z23 engine that powers the 2nd floor of the rocket.

During this flight, the problem was fixed and everything went according to plan. The launch is a milestone marking the debut of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) SSMS satellite delivery device.

SSMS officials say SSMS is designed to make European missile models like the Vega an attractive option for customers who want to launch multiple small satellites into orbit at the same time, competing directly with the name. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 re-use fire.

“Mission VV16 demonstrates our commitment in efforts to improve spatial accessibility to serve European organizations, strengthen the space industry and develop the economy,” said Renato Lafranconi, Director Vega Mining Program Manager at ESA, stressed.

SSMS satellite distribution equipment consists of two parts. In this flight, the upper section contains 7 satellites weighing 15 – 150 kg v

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