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Vietnamese scientist is the President of 6G network research in the UK

Professor Duong Quang Trung is responsible for the research that combines the 6G network with wireless media, data transmission, radar and imaging.

Prof. Duong Quang Trung (middle) received Vice-Chancellor’s Research Prize in 2016. Photo: University Queen’s Belfast.

The Royal Academy of Engineering recently announced a list of appointments for four new Research Presidents in which Professor Duong Quang Trung, Queen’s Belfast University (UK) will assume the role of research chair on related issues. related to the 6G telecommunications network under the project of the Royal Academy of Technology.

Professor Trung directed research into the focus of combining 6G with wireless media, data transmission, radar and imaging, taking advantage of the advantages of broadband and low near zero load, contributing to medical services such as remote diagnostics and surgery, self-driving vehicles, educational virtual reality assistance, healthcare.

Unlike previous generations of mobile communications, GS Trung said that 6G not only focuses on faster data rates for traditional services, but also focuses on connectivity and digital connectivity. large amount of automatic equipment. 6G will address the specific needs of IoT devices by achieving two goals, including maintaining ultra-high reliability (99,999%) of 5G and minimizing slow connection between transmission and reception time. data.

Professor Trung (42 years old, from Quang Nam) graduated his doctorate at the end of 2012. In 2018, he was appointed as Associate Professor without passing the Senior Lecturer level. In July, he was appointed Full Professor after six years at Queen’s University of Belfast, one of the fastest cases in the school’s 200-year history.

He has won many prestigious research awards, especially the 2017 Newton Prize of the British Government. Currently, he still connects Vietnamese scientists with the UK on study and research opportunities.

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