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Colleagues opposed J.K.Rowling

Four writers resigned from J.K.Rowling’s agency because of her controversial statements about transgender people.

According to the Guardian, writers including Fox Fisher, Drew Davies, Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir and an anonymous author simultaneously asked to withdraw from the Blair Partnership representative company to protest against J.K.Rowling. Four people said the action was intended to support transgender people and criticized the company for not responding properly to the statements of the author Harry Potter. Blair Partnership is the agency for J.K.Rowling, which owns the copyright for all of her work.

J.K.Rowling at a book showcase event by the Blair Partnership in London. Photo: JKRowling.

Drew Davies – which has three works published with the Blair Partnership – says: “I agree and understand the life of a social minority. “Your society and your image will affect book sales. All transgender people are verbally harmed by people who are more powerful than they are.”

A representative from Blair Partnership said: “We support the right to express clients’ beliefs and perspectives. Publishing and creating on that rule. Our mission is to support. writer’s point of view and do not comment on personal opinions “.

At the beginning of June, J.K.Rowling shared the article Viewpoint: Creating a more equal world for Detex post-COVID-19 menstrual periods on Twitter. According to Rowling, there should be another word to replace “people who menstruate” and she suggests some words for the word “women”. Many people disagreed when she removed transgender people from the group “menstrual period”.

The writer continues to argue with readers: “If the concept of gender is not determined, same-sex love is meaningless. If gender is not true, the concept of women is also deleted. I understand and love transgender people, but erasing the concept of gender makes many people lose the ability to talk about their lives. I’m not mean but it’s true. “

Rowling’s comments received criticism from the LGBT community. Harry Potter stars like Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe or Eddie Redmayne simultaneously oppose the writer.

Before the negative comments, the 54-year-old female writer said she does not mean to offend but only wants to highlight the consequences of gender gap issues. “I have always sympathized with transgender groups because they and women are vulnerable to violence from men. The notion that I hate them because of gender issues is absurd,” Rowling wrote.

According to Forbes, J. K. Rowling owns a net worth of more than a billion dollars thanks to the success of Harry Potter. Every year, she still makes tens of millions of dollars from royalties and selling books. The series has been adapted into movies, TV series, video games, animation and theme parks around the world. Before writing Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling is a single mother who has to live on government benefits.

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