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Iron Man: The past of a life-changing prison for a woman

From an addict, losing everything to prison, Robert Downey Jr. at the age of U60, he became a model husband, father, wealthy and famous Hollywood.

Losing family and career because of imprisonment

Robert Downey Jr. or is remembered by the audience for his role as Iron Man / Tony Stark in the MCU movie universe is one of the few stars with a past criminal in prison but still receives the love and support of the public.

Downey’s addiction began in his childhood years. At that time, his father – Robert Downey Sr. – A filmmaker who is heavily addicted to drugs has his son practice inhaling marijuana – nerve-stimulating cannabis that was very popular among artists in the 80s when he was six years old.

At 11, his parents divorced, Downey lived with his addicted father. Sharing about this time, he once bitterly admitted that the cannabis inhalations were the times when the father and son were closest to each other.

“When my father and son took the medicine together, it was as if he was trying to express his love for me, in his way,” the actor said.

In 1996, Downey was first arrested on charges of illegally possessing heroin, cocaine and a Magnum pistol.

Later, he was discovered breaking into a neighbor’s house in Malibu while he was high in drugs. Many drug-related offenses led Downey to jail for some time in 1997 and 1998, on probation and undergo drug counseling.

This time, after being repeatedly absent from mandatory drug tests, Downey was sentenced to 180 days in prison.

In 2000, Downey was released after being jailed many times for substance abuse. However, three months later, he was arrested again in Palm Springs for possession of cocaine and valium.

The path of prison in turn robbed the glory and marriage of Downey. He was cut shoulder, lost many opportunities to participate in hit movies. Even Downey’s first wife, singer Deborah Falconer, decided to say goodbye and take their son away from him.

The way to find the halo always has the silhouette of a woman

The career dissipated, the family collapse as a “real slap” to Downey. He decided to start over with some film projects. In 2003, while participating in the movie “Gothika”, he met a woman who changed his life – Susan Levin.

At that time, Susan was in charge of producing this film. Meeting Susan, Downey like being struck by love, he tried to “jumble” her twice but was unsuccessful.

Susan then thought Downey was eccentric. “We were in Montreal preparing to film Gothika and have lunch with the director and Halle Berry. Everyone ordered Japanese food, but Robert said that oatmeal was” the ultimate food.”

He brought small boxes of oatmeal porridge for lunch. He also has a box of herbs and other things in it. And then he does yoga poses. He’s interesting, but so weird. “

After two failed attempts, Downey invited Susan to go on a date and successfully conquered her.

As vice president of production of Joel Silver’s Silver Pictures, a Hollywood blockbuster boss, Susan has helped Downey have many impressive roles and gradually returned to Hollywood.

Believing that this is the woman of his life, after only 3 months of dating, although he has not completed divorce procedures with his previous wife, Downey has proposed to Susan.

At that time, Susan proposed 2 conditions. One was that Downey had to quit completely. If the actor got into drugs again, she would take off his shirt. The two are husband and wife not be apart for more than two weeks, no matter how busy they are.

After getting married, the couple producer – this famous actor constantly “bombarded” Hollywood. Susan gradually brought Downey’s talent to the role of Iron Man, turning him into a “real playboy, philanthropist, genius, billionaire”.

Downey’s career went up like a wind. Not only that, he also completely stays away from drugs.

Sharing the strong, assertive wife that helped her get rid of the dark days to return to the glory, the actor confided: “The old idiom is always right – behind every good man is a extraordinary woman. Most of my success – if not all – is due to Susan. “

Director Guy Ritchie – Madonna’s ex-husband also said that it was Susan who helped Robert take the lead role in “Sherlock Holmes” – a role that added favourable conditions to her husband’s return to movies.

He added: “They are the best illustration of a harmonious marriage I’ve ever seen. They are like yin and yang so that Robert is a pleasure to work with. He was able to be a very obnoxious name without Susan controlling “.

To show his love for his wife, Downey even tattooed his wife’s intimate name “Suzie Q” on his arm.

As for Susan, although she married Downey when he was in a deep pit of addiction, she did not regret it but also affirmed, Downey herself helped change her personality, made her open and live more actively:

“I used to be a person who only knew about work. I didn’t think about building a home or getting married. I didn’t think about my children. It’s not that I don’t want those things, I just don’t think about them. come on.

And then someone appeared in my life like a whirlwind, a ball full of energy, passion, creativity and beauty. That helped me to open my heart.”

In February 2012, the couple’s son was born. In 2014, they welcomed their second daughter. By 2015, thanks to efforts to escape the shadow of the past, the Governor of California pardoned Downey after 20 years living with drugs.

He was one of 91 people who were pardoned by proving that he had repaid his wages after at least 10 years of freedom. Although the privilege cannot erase the criminal record, Downey from here still has the right to vote.

Currently, after 15 years together, the small home of Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Levin is as sweet as the first day. Nothing can really change a person if they don’t want to, but if they find a reason to change, they will surely create miracles, so it can be said that Susan is the reason for Downey. .

Overcoming black holes in the past, Robert Downey Jr. of the present has become an elegant, funny and rich player, a movie monument and a famous Hollywood model husband and father.

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