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The couple Kim Kardashian – Kanye West live separately throughout the year

According to the Daily Mail on July 31, Kim Kardashian and his wife have been living separately for about a year. In the context of their marriage is in crisis because of the crazy speech of Kanye West, Kim is considering divorce.

Kanye West’s marriage to the already tense super-round Kim is now getting worse due to the shocking statements made by the billion-dollar rapper.
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Kanye West’s race to the White House is facing many difficulties, including the fact that his family wants him to return to Los Angeles (USA) to treat mental problems rather than participate in election campaigns and marketing. According to the Daily Mail, the rift has been around for a long time, and Kanye’s admonition about family stories at the campaign or social networks is just a drop of glass that made Kim Kardashian consider whether to end the marriage. or not. It has been reported that this notorious couple has not been in the same house for about a year. The 43-year-old artist is said to have been “staked” on his $14 million farm in Cody, Wyoming (USA) while his wife and children are in Los Angeles, California.

Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian personally flew from Los Angeles to Wyoming to meet her husband, persuading him to stop running for president to focus on treating psychological problems. In a series of photos recorded by paparazzi, the two had a tense conversation in the car and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians female star cried. The 40-year-old American soon returned to Los Angeles on her own and continued her busy work. After her husband’s visit, Kim was seen at a photography studio for the SKIMS brand.

Kim and Kanye were stressed during their reunion earlier this week
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In a post on Twitter last week, the black rapper expressed, “My family must live by my side” as a hint that he wanted Kim and their children to live in Wyoming instead of Los Angeles. “Kanye has been living in the state of Wyoming since last year, Kim will bring his children to visit his father every month. They didn’t spend a lot of time together because he seemed to have moved completely to live in Wyoming, ”a source told Us Weekly. PageSix explained that the voice of the singer born in 1977 decided to move to Wyoming because it was the best for the creativity of the famous male star.

Meanwhile, information from People said that Kim thinks they need to be apart now to calm down. A source revealed: “She knew that being with him would not be good for her now and to be honest, it was also not good for the children. He needs to solve his problems before he can play the role of a good mate or father. ” Another told People: “Kim is feeling trapped, she loves Kanye and thinks he is the love of her life but now she doesn’t know what to do.”

Kim Kardashian is torn about whether to divorce or not. According to Hollywood media sources, despite all the troubles because of her husband, she still doesn’t want to leave Kanye West at a difficult time and hope for the best for him.
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