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Arsenal captain dropped FA Cup

Striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang slipped, causing the FA Cup to fall to Wembley during Arsenal’s coronation ceremony on August 1.

Similar to the Premier League this season, no one handed the FA Cup to Arsenal captain. Aubameyang had to take it himself from a pre-ordered location and bring it to his teammates, as a way of obeying the order of social separation during the Covid-19 era.


Aubameyang dropped the FA Cup

Aubameyang looked confused, not sure whether to bring the Cup sole. Perhaps, no one told him in advance about this case. Finally, Aubameyang held Cup’s ears with one hand, and the other supported the base. According to the usual etiquette, the players only need to hold the ears of the cup to lift it up.

Upon arriving at the coronation ceremony, Aubameyang slipped his hand from the base, causing the Cup to fall. His teammates laughed, while the coaching staff standing behind did not understand what was going on.

Some players seemed to suggest to Aubameyang that he did not need to bring the sole. However, midfielder Sokratis Papastathopoulos quickly helped his teammates rejoin, leaving Aubameyang to lift up before the joy of the whole team and ribbons shot up behind.

Aubameyang was the brightest star in the final, scoring a double to help Arsenal win 2-1. This is the 14th time Arsenal was crowned in this playground, and also gave them a ticket to the Europa League next season.

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