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Barca reappeared a sad record after 74 years – NixTimes

The defeat of Bayern 2-8 on August 14 was the first time since 1946 that Barca had conceded eight goals in one match.

The closest team to score eight goals against Barca in just one match was Sevilla, who won 8-0 in the first leg of the eighth round of the Spanish King’s Cup on April 21, 1946.

Yesterday’s Champions League quarter-final defeat also recorded a series of other sad records of Barca.

This is their biggest loss in 69 years, since their 0-6 defeat at Espanyol in 1951. Barca also received the most number of goals in a single game since their 4-7 defeat to Valencia in October /. 1949, according to Opta’s data.

Barca received the biggest defeat after 69 years. Photo: Reuters.

In the history of the European Cup, Barca has never lost so strongly. This is the first time they have conceded at least five goals since losing to Levski Sofia 4-5 in March 1976. This is also the first time that the Nou Camp team has conceded four goals in the first half in the Champions League.

Another sad metric for Barca is that their starting squad in this match has the highest average age in the club’s Champions League history – at 29 years of 329 days.

In Barca’s bleak day, Luis Suarez still had a remarkable statistic. The goal shortened the score to 2-4 in the 57th minute to help the Uruguayan striker clear the streak in Champions League matches without kicking at Camp Nou since 2015. Since the goal against Roma at Olimpico Stadium in 2015. In September 2015, Suarez spent 1952 minutes, with 69 attempts to finish without scoring a goal every time he played away from home with Barca at the club’s number one European playground.

However, this goal of Suarez is not enough to revive Barca’s spirit. In the remaining 30 minutes of the match at Da Luz, Lisbon yesterday, Joshua Kimmich, Robert Lewandowski and Coutinho, in turn, made the double, causing goalkeeper Ter Stegen to go into the net to pick up the ball.

In the first half, Barca conceded in the fourth minute, and only played brightly for a short time. They equalized with Alaba’s counter-kick in the seventh minute, then got two more chances, with a Suarez shot blocked by Neuer and a free kick hitting Messi’s post. But then, Bayern buried three goals in just nine minutes, thanks to Ivan Perisic, Serge Gnarby and Thomas Muller in the 22nd, 27th and 31st minutes.

(according to Opta)

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