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Man Utd spent $26 million per goal of Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez received $78 million in salary but only scored three goals for Man Utd in the Premier League.

According to Sun, Man Utd paid Sanchez $663,000 per week, for 79 weeks the player was at Old Trafford. “Red Devils” also have to contribute $519,000 per week, for 49 weeks Sanchez plays in Inter as a loan. In total, Man Utd costs about $78 million in wages for Sanchez.

In return, Sanchez scored five goals for Man Utd, including three in the Premier League. Calculated, Man Utd costs an average of 15.8 million USD for a goal of Sanchez in all competitions, and 26 million USD per goal if the Premier League alone.

Sanchez is one of Man Utd’s most failed signings. Photo credit: AP.

Man Utd paid no fee to recruit Sanchez, when he was part of a player exchange contract with Henrikh Mkhitaryan from Arsenal in January 2018. Despite being given the legendary No.7 shirt at Old Trafford, Sanchez’s contribution is very limited.

Sanchez still has a two-year contract with Man Utd, with a total value of up to 72 million. However, according to sources from Sky Italy, he will sign an official contract with Inter for a period of three years, right this week.

Inter paid Sanchez $144,000 a week last season (the rest was contributed by Man Utd). The Italian team is said to be willing to take over Sanchez’s more than $600,000, provided Man Utd released the player for free.

Yesterday coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer confirmed Sanchez will leave Man Utd and wished his former student success in Italy.

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