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New Law of the Premier League Covid-19: Ho hits the opponent, the referee, gets a red card

From next season, the Premier League officially enacted the law that players deliberately coughing at opponents or referees at close range face the possibility of being yellow and even red cards.

This law has just been issued by the Football Association of England (FA) and applies to all competitions with immediate effect, which mainly applies in the English Premier League to minimize disputes on the court face to face between the player and the player, or between the player and the referee and the officials on the court.

From next season, the act of spitting, coughing deliberately at the opponent and the referee can be punished with a red card. Photo: AFP

In addition, there is a guide on how to handle the situation for the referee with limitations in the Covid-19 era, and how to distinguish the deliberate cough of players is a violation of the new law.

According to the FA explained: “The referee will distinguish the behaviour of someone at close range intentionally coughing in the face of the opponent or the referee, the official… to proceed with sanctions”. This new law is also included in the FA’s list of “behavioural errors, offensive gestures, insults or intentional insults” in the Premier League.

In addition, if the situation is not really serious to sanction a red card, the referee will base the “error of conduct, not respect the rules” and will sanction the player yellow card.

The FA also recommends referees, especially in the Premier League, should not be abused to blow players for this new law, based on the intentional behaviour of coughing or not penalizing, because of the habit of coughing or spitting. The player’s pitch is normal.

With the addition of a new rule, next season, the referee will definitely punish the player with more cards in the match if there is an act of deliberately spitting at the opponent. Photo: AFP

However, in the current context, this habit, if not intentionally, will be reminded by the referee, and advised the player to avoid spitting on the field while playing.

In addition, the new Premier League season will also continue to apply the rule for replacing 5 players/game, as well as the possibility of using the VAR will change to comply with FIFA’s regulations, instead of having some differences only apply in this tournament.

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