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Solskjaer: ‘Man Utd lacks depth’

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admitted that he did not know who to replace when Man Utd needed to score in the semi-final against Sevilla in the Europa League on the evening of August 16.

“There are times in the game when you realize your squad lacks depth. It’s when the players miss too many chances and find you cannot replace the players who are able to score. Mason. Greenwood, Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, Bruno Fernandes are all goalscorers and played great in the Man Utd shirt “, coach Solskjaer replied to the 1-2 defeat against Sevilla.

Solskjaer encouraged Man Utd players after the match in Cologne, Germany. Photo: Reuters.

Man Utd opened the score but failed to defend the result and was led back when the second half had about 15 minutes. However, they react quite slowly, especially in adjusting their staffing and gameplay. In the 87th minute, coach Solskjaer replaced three players simultaneously, while midfielder Odion Ighalo had to wait until the third minute of injury time to enter the field.

The lack of effective substitution options makes Man Utd unable to turn the tide and accept being eliminated from the third semi-final this season, after the English League Cup and FA Cup.

According to coach Solskjaer, Man Utd needs to strengthen his forces in this summer transfer window if he wants to narrow the gap with rivals in the Premier League. “We need to progress, we need to continue what we are doing every day,” he said. “All the players put in an effort to train and play. They also have the right attitude and good morale. But we need to deepen the squad because it is a long season ahead and only a few breaks week before coming back. We need to keep our faith. You can see how well Man Utd did at some point in this match. “

A right-winger, a midfielder, midfielder and striker are positioning Man Utd are believed to want to strengthen. But the influence of Covid-19 caused them to weigh financially. Coach Solskjaer, so it is not clear how many players he can bring in before the transfer window closes on October 5. “It will be a strange summer. We are only a few weeks apart and then focus again. It will be a psychological challenge,” said the Norwegian military leader. “Of course, we always urge and demand more from the players. The tournament will be back soon while the transfer period is longer. Man Utd needs to be smart and dexterous. I cannot say before. “But we are looking and negotiating because things can change very quickly. We need to make sure the deals go through.”

(According to Goal)

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