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In fact, Barca had to pay more money because of Coutinho – NixTimes

Barca are rumored to lose another six million dollars because Coutinho won the Champions League with Bayern, but sources close to Barca and Liverpool deny the incident.

The Daily Mail of England revealed on August 15 that the contract of the Philippe Coutinho deal in January 2018 contained a clause that Barca had to pay Liverpool five million euros (equivalent to six million dollars) if Coutinho won the Champions League. Barca loaned Coutinho to Bayern from the summer of 2019. He and Bayern won the Champions League 2019-2020, after a 1-0 victory over PSG in the final on August 23. In theory, Coutinho won the Champions League while still on the payroll of Barca. Daily Mail said that Barca did not foresee this, and would have to pay more for Liverpool.

Coutinho celebrated the Champions League Cup with Bayern on the evening of August 23. Photo: Yahoo

Some famous newspapers also publish information similar to Daily Mail, including Mirror (UK), Marca (Spain) or RMC Sport (France). On January 6, 2018, the British newspaper The Guardian also revealed the following terms between Barca and Liverpool: “Barca must pay 106 million pounds (144 million USD) in advance, and 36 million pounds (48 million USD). postpay based on Coutinho’s performance, in which, Barca will pay an additional £ 17 million ($ 24 million) if Coutinho plays 100 games for the home club Camp

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