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Lampard: ‘Chelsea lost because of complacency’ – NixTimes

Coach Frank Lampard was not satisfied with the attitude of his players when Chelsea lost against Arsenal in the FA Cup final on August 1.

“We started well, controlled the game in the first 10 to 15 minutes, scored and created some chances. But after that, we could only blame ourselves. We were complacent.” Lampard said after the match at Wembley.

Lampard stared off the border when he saw Chelsea’s students unable to reverse the situation in the second half of the second half. Photo: CFC.

Chelsea is appreciated when it comes to the FA Cup final. They finished the Premier League in fourth, four places above Arsenal. Lampard’s students also caught up with the game, and opened the score in the 5th minute thanks to Christian Pulisic. But then, Chelsea sagged and punished.

Aubameyang earned a penalty and equalized for Arsenal in the first half. In the middle of the second half, after a quick counterattack, it was still Aubameyang who showed off the technique to secure a 2-1 victory for Arsenal.

“We spent so much time with the ball in our feet, we started overusing too many short passes and saw the game as a walk. An FA Cup final is never a walk. We indirectly helped Arsenal get back in pace, and from then on it got tough, ”Lampard said.

Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea

The England manager only calmed down a bit when it came to the second half: “After the break we start to be better. If Pulisic escapes and scores, instead of spoiling and getting a hamstring injury, maybe everyone The situations in this match are at our disadvantage The players did their best, but when there were only 10 people left in the last 20 minutes of the game was really a challenge. stuck like that “.

Failure at Arsenal’s hands made Lampard’s teachers and students miss the best chance to win the title this season. In the Champions League, they lost 0-3 to Bayern Munich in the first round of the eighth round at Stamford Bridge. But Lampard said that the overall picture of Chelsea is not bleak. “Of course, we are disappointed with the result, but if we look at what has been done all season, and the results in the Premier League too, Chelsea still deserved the plus point,” he said. now it must be a beautiful layer of cream on the cake, but unfortunately it is not.

The 1982-born strategist added: “A few weeks ago, right here at Wembley, we played wonderfully in the semi-final against Man Utd. to finish and threaten them in every shot, but today, we were slow, sluggish and then under pressure and didn’t know how to get out of that situation, we just simply didn’t play well enough. to win the final “.

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