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Pique: ‘Barca lost in disgrace’ – NixTimes

Midfielder Gerard Pique thinks that Barca has hit the bottom of the abyss after losing to Bayern 2-8 in the quarter-finals of the Champions League on August 14.

“Barca played badly, miserably, this feeling was humiliating,” Pique told Movistar after the game. “A team like Barca can’t play like this. It’s not the first time, the second or the third time we are so disappointed. This team needs a change. I don’t talk about the players, or the coach. Barca needs a comprehensive reform of the organizational structure “.

Pique was in pain when Barca received the biggest defeat after 69 years. Photo: Marca.

“I am heartbroken. Barca needs new breeze. I will go first if necessary,” the 33-year-old midfielder added. “We’ve hit the bottom of the cliff. It’s been years that Barca can’t compete in the Champions League. We have to sit back and make the best decision for Barca right now. Tonight’s performance is unacceptable.”

Barca President – Josep Maria Bartomeu – agrees with Pique. He said: “Pique was right that today was Barca’s disaster day. From now on we have to make decisions. Some decisions have been made before this game. In a few days we will be back. socks. I want to apologize to the fans “.

And coach Quique Setien said: “I have only been to Barca for six months, the content is unclear here. But maybe Pique is right. We need to change the structure of the team.”

This match Pique as well as Barca’s defense were completely overwhelmed. They conceded eight goals in 90 minutes, and luckily did not lose more. Barca lost their biggest match in their history in the European Cup, while Bayern reached the semi-finals after scoring 39 goals in nine games.

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