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Hide in the forest for 5 years

Ricardas Puisys has disappeared since 2015, leading many to think he was killed. Five years later, he was discovered hiding in the woods in Wisbech, Cambridgeshires county.

Ricardas Puisys, now 40, last appeared on September 26, 2015 at work, more than 30 km from his residence in Wisbech. Puisys didn’t come to work two days later and in November 2015, police investigated Puisys’s disappearance as a murder.

A month later, a man was arrested on suspicion of killing Puisys, but was later released and not prosecuted.

Ricardas Puisys was found by police in a forest in Cambridgeshires County, England in early July. Photo: Cambridgeshires Police.

However, the hope that Puisys might be alive increased when a Facebook account was created in his name and the photos posted on the account led the police to believe it was Puisys. Last November, the police restarted the search for Puisys and in December, they received several reports of seeing him in the forest.

Police on Tuesday said Puisys was found July 1 while hiding in a forest in Wisbech. They believe he fled for fear of his own safety. Just before Puisys disappeared, a local resident expressed concern that Puisys was being exploited for labor and might have been forced to relocate.

“Nearly five years of Ricardas’s disappearance were a complete mystery, until we received the information in late June, which led to the discovery of him,” police official Rob Hall said.

After his last day at Nightlayer Leek 5 years ago, Puisys went with a group of Lithuanian men and then disappeared without a trace. “There were concerns that Ricardas was harmed that day, but now we believe that Ricardas decided to flee because he was a victim of crime, once exploited,” Hall said.

Ricardas was found living in deprivation, deliberately hiding and not talking to anyone for a long time. The police delayed announcing the discovery of Puisys for nearly a month to ensure his safety and benefit. The police wanted to make sure he received the support he needed after going through extremely difficult circumstances for 5 years.

After locals expressed concern about Puisys in August 2015, the police spoke with Puisys but he said it was fine. However, police later said that because Puisys did not have much money, few friends and no family in England, he may have become a target of labor exploitation. An investigation into the exploitation of Puisys is taking place.

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