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The most impressive waterfalls in the world

The waterfall brings beauty both majestic and poetic, with extremely impressive scenery will certainly relieve all fatigue of visitors. Whether you’re eating local delicacies, getting a taste of a city’s nightlife, or checking out legendary monuments it’s clear the offers of travel are nearly unlimited.

Iguazú Falls, Brazil and Argentina

Iguazú Waterfall, one of the largest waterfall systems in the world, is an inspirational attraction. This waterfall chain consists of more than 270 waterfalls stretching 2.7km located between the Brazil – Argentina border and flowing trapezoidal. The scenery of the waterfall is located in the heart of a national park with extremely beautiful rainforest.

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Iceland seems to be full of waterfalls, each with its own attractions. Seljalandsfoss in the south is the highest waterfall with a depth of 61m. The falls are set in a backdrop of seemingly endless green pastures, dotted with deep yellow and purple flowers imbued with water rays that make them sparkle in the sun.

Pliva Falls, Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the center of Jajce, a charming 14th-century city surrounded by medieval walls, the Pliva falls into the water from a height of 17m. Housed in a vast and picturesque environment with red roofs seen from the thick hillside of trees, the waterfall is even more splendid.

Multnomah, Oregon, USA

The highest waterfall in Oregon flows down from a 186m high mountain, framed by beautiful basalt cliffs and maple-covered slopes that turn leaves in brilliant red yellow. The waterfall is divided into two layers with water distilled from rain, snow and clear underground streams.

Angel Fall, Venezuela

Angel Falls occupies the highest position in the world, falling from a height of 979m on the edge of Auyán-tepui mountain and into the Churun River. The location of the falls within Canaima National Park is equally impressive, with flat mountains and mist-covered forests.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Zambia

This is a majestic sight on the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls wider than 1,700m and flows from a height of 108m. The rumbling sound when the water is poured into the water is very loud and creates a dense fog.

Yumbilla Fall, Peru

One of the largest waterfalls in the world, Yumbilla Falls is located deep in the Bosque de Cataratas Gigantes de Cuispes near the town of Chachapoyas. At an altitude of nearly 914m, it offers an extraordinary sight with a silver waterfall surrounded by lush green forests.

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