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Thousands of Americans were evacuated because of two consecutive storms

Typhoon Marco with winds of 120km / h was forecast to land along the Louisiana coast on August 24. Meanwhile, Hurricane Laura, which hit the Dominican Republic and Haiti early in the morning of August 23 and continued to sweep Cuba that night, is expected to land in Louisiana or Texas on August 27.

US President Donald Trump on August 23 declared a state of emergency because of the catastrophic disaster for Louisiana. Earlier he made a similar statement for Puerto Rico.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards on the same day warned about storms and high winds that would make landfall on August 24 and suggested that residents should not go out and be prepared to respond to both Hurricanes Marco and Laura.

People in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, reinforced their homes on August 23 in case Marco and Laura stormed. Photo: AFP.

Meteorologist Chris Kerr said Hurricane Laura could strengthen into a two- or third-degree hurricane, on a five-level scale, as it moves westward near Houston, Texas. Secondary and tertiary storms have minimum winds of 155km / h and 178km / h, respectively.

Billy Wright, a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana, spent the entire weekend remodeling his home and buying stock. Wright currently lives with his fiancée in a one-story house next to the broken dike during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

When it hit the Dominican Republic, Hurricane Laura killed at least three people, more than one million lost power, collapsed some homes and forced more than a thousand evacuation.

In Haiti, the storm left at least 7 people dead, of which at least two were swept away by floods. As Laura continued to make landfall in eastern Cuba with winds of 95km / h, the storm destroyed trees and houses and forced people in dangerous areas to evacuate.

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