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Biden paints a contrasting picture of the US economy

Two contradictory depictions of the US economic picture signal Democratic candidate Joe Biden and US President Donald Trump will have fierce debates about economics, a topic of primary concern for US voters in the final stages of election campaign.

Biden said on Wednesday that he will spend the next three weeks highlighting the contrast between his economic plans and Trump, while the US President is optimistic about upcoming economic data and the possibility of recovery. Full recovery in 2021.

Economy is considered “a trump card” for the hope of re-election of Trump, especially when his position has weakened in recent months. Many voters across the country and in fluctuating states say they trust Trump more than any other candidate in the economic field.

But Biden and those close to his campaign believe that the Democratic candidate still has a chance to shine in the field, especially if Trump’s claims of employment do not hold true.

“Talk to many real workers. Ask them if they feel left out. Ask them how they feel about the resilience of the economy,” Biden said at Wilmington. , state of Delaware. “We all know that it shouldn’t have been that bad.”

Democrat Joe Biden (left) and US President Donald Trump. Photo: ABCNews.

However, Trump’s economic picture is quite contradictory. “Great number of jobs,” Trump wrote in a September 4 morning social media post. He bragged that the August unemployment rate of 8.4% was “much better than expected” and said that the rate fell below 10% “faster and faster than imagined”.

The report released on the morning of September 4 shows that the US economy has added 1.4 million jobs in August. This is the first time the US unemployment rate has been below 10% since Covid-19 forced the country. economic shutdown in March.

Many of the new positions are temporary jobs in government, due to the great recruitment demand of the Census Bureau. Other sectors recovered include retail with nearly 250,000 new jobs, entertainment and hospitality and restaurant services with 174,000 jobs, education and medical services with 147,000 new positions.

At the election campaign in Pennsylvania on September 3, Trump again reiterated his prediction that the government would announce “great growth” in the third quarter, scheduled for October 29, ahead of time. election a few days.

“I’m putting myself at risk, but I know what’s going on. Those numbers are going to be very good,” Trump said.

Trump continued to make an optimistic forecast for the economy during his White House press conference on September 4. “You see what’s going on there. It’s pretty amazing,” Trump said. “Our country is doing very well. We’re starting to do well.”

However, there is evidence that Americans are suffering economic losses amid the pandemic, according to Annie Linskey, commentator for the Washington Post.

About 14 million people are still unemployed. Last month, about 40% of tenants faced the risk of being evicted for failing to pay their rent. About 29 million people are relying on some sort of unemployment benefit, according to data released by US officials on Wednesday.

The predictions about the Covid-19 situation in the US were also murky. Many experts warn that the number of deaths due to the pandemic in the United States could double by the end of this year, or more than 400,000, and push the country at risk for a longer shutdown.

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