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British Foreign Minister’s bodyguard forgot the gun on the plane

A bodyguard for British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab was suspended from duty after leaving his gun on his flight back from the United States.

A cleaning officer discovered the Glock 19 semi-automatic pistol on the United Airlines seat, after the plane landed at Heathrow airport, London, on the morning of September 18. The police were immediately dispatched and determined that the gun belonged to a bodyguard accompanying Foreign Minister Dominic Raab on the flight.

“For some reason, he took off the holster with a pre-loaded Glock pistol inside and put it on the chair,” a source said. “This bodyguard then got off the plane with the Secretary of State, leaving the gun. The cleaners boarded the plane and one of them found the gun. She was shocked, called for help and the police were assigned. come”.

Weapon left by the bodyguard of the British Foreign Minister on the plane on September 18 is a pistol Glock 19. Photo: Wikicommons.

A London police spokesman confirmed today on the flight from Washington, US, to the UK and is “taking this issue very seriously”.

Related bodyguards have been suspended from duty and an internal investigation is ongoing. A source revealed that the bodyguard had put a gun on the seat while storing his passport and preparing to escort the Foreign Minister off the plane.

The British Secretary of State visited the United States in the middle of this week and held talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The British Foreign Ministry has not yet commented on the incident.

British police in February also investigated the fact that a bodyguard of former prime minister David Cameron left a gun in the toilet on a flight from New York to London. The gun was discovered by a passenger with Mr. Cameron’s passport in the toilet. The plane was delayed for an hour because of the chaos.

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