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China continues to criticize Czech officials visiting Taiwan

The Chinese Embassy in Prague continued to criticize the President of the Czech Senate’s visit to Taiwan as a “serious violation of sovereignty”.

“There is only one China in the world and Taiwan is an inseparable part of the territory. No matter what the Taiwan government and anti-China forces take, they cannot change this. “The Chinese Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic, issued a statement on September 5.

The agency called Czech Senate President Milos Vystrcil’s visit to Taiwan last week “serious interference in China’s internal affairs” and called on the Czech government “to take concrete actions to Eliminate adverse effects “from visit.

The statement by the Chinese Embassy came after Vystrcil said “I am Taiwanese” when speaking in the island parliament on September 1, a move that is supposed to make Beijing even more outraged.

Czech Senate President Milos Vystrcil in Prague on August 26. Photo: Reuters.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi earlier warned Vystrcil would have to “pay the price” for his official visit to the island of Taiwan, accusing the President of the Czech Senate that had challenged the “One China” principle and “turned himself into the enemy of 1.4 billion Chinese.

Vystrcil and a delegation of 90 members, including politicians, businessmen, scientists and journalists, arrived in Taiwan on the morning of August 30 for a 5-day visit. The President of the Czech Senate said his visit was aimed at promoting business relations with the island of Taiwan.

The Czech government stated that it did not support Vystrcil’s visit to Taiwan, but said it was also dissatisfied when Beijing strongly condemned the visit and summoned Chinese ambassadors in Prague to discuss on August 31. The same day China also million Czech ambassadors.

The Czech government recognized the “One China” policy, which viewed Taiwan as part of the mainland of China, and pledged to

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